Welcome to the official site of the Greater Athens Soccer Association (GASA).
GASA is a non-profit (501(c)3) volunteer-driven organization devoted to promoting and supporting soccer education and soccer opportunities for youth participants in the greater Athens, OH area.

Local Soccer Events

Upcoming Events Keys:
League:   K = Kindergarten             1&2 = Youth 1st & 2nd                 3&4 = Youth 3rd/4th      
              5&6 = Youth 5th & 6th      7-9/GASA = 7-9th Grade League   ACS = Athens Community Soccer
              ACC/APR = Athens Community Center                                ASA = Athens Soccer Academy

Field:   Athens Soccer Complex:  F1 = Field 1    F2 = Field 2    F3 = Field 3    F4 = Field 4    F5 = Field 5

Futsal: (Portuguese pronunciation: [fut'saw]) is a variant of association football that is played on a smaller
pitch and mainly played indoors.  Athens futsal uses the low-bounce ball and the basic rules of futsal in a less formal version.   Athens futsal is played on hard court and turf field surfaces.  Games are self officiated based on principles of fair play and compassion for fellow players.  Teams are formulated with the objectives of parity and maximizing the enjoyment and learning of all players.

Athens futsal is an Ohio University and Athens community based group that includes futsal players of all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds. We are dedicated to fostering opportunities for members of the broad OU and Athens community to develop the love of the game, improve skills and abilities, and to foster friendship and community among all players. We do this by encouraging inclusive participation in recreational, just-for-fun games and by actively demonstrating our commitment to fair play, and compassion for the safety, enjoyment, and development of all players.

If you know of an event and would like to have it listed, or if you have any questions or comments, please send an email to webkeeper@athensohiosoccer.com.

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